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Vredestein Tires

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Vredestein Tire was established in 1946 out of the Netherlands although Vredestein started making rubber goods dating back to 1909. Vredestein has a unique combination of independence, market-orientation, creativity, and flexibility. Their strategy is simple: to produce tires with an optimal price-quality ratio. Vredestein has offices in 13 European countries and the United States and sells more than seven million tires a year.

Vredestein's slogan is "Designed to Protect You." Their goal is to produce two new product lines every year. When developing new tires, they always keep safety, innovation, creativity, and design in mind. Vredestein considers themselves trend-setters with their products. For example, Sportrac was the first production tire with a top-designer's signature. Giugiaro Design, one of the most renowned design houses in the transport industry, designed the appearance for this high-speed tire.

Vredestein is also very concerned with the environment. They continuously strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. They use the most environmentally friendly raw materials when producing their tires. They also strive to produce tires with an even wear pattern for a long life span and minimal rolling resistance to aid fuel savings. Their program for reducing volatile hydrocarbon discharge has also been a success. Since changing from petrol-based paints to water-based paints, they have decreased their hydrocarbon emissions by more than 90%.

One of Vredestein's most popular tire lines is its Ultrac line. Ultrac, the ultimate tire for the high end of the market, was created in partnership with Giugiaro Design. The tire was inspired by bio-design; the tread has natural shapes and a flowing contour. The tire features an ultimate handling construction (UHC) with a sturdy sidewall, bead construction, and maximum belt width that offers exceptional handling on wet and dry roads, ultra-alert steering reaction, and high course stability. The Centre Shift System (CSS), a sophisticated positioning of the right and left tread parts in relation to the middle section, provides a minimal noise level. The tire's full silica silan solution in the tread compound provides optimal grip on wet roads and a low rolling resistance which aids in fuel economy.

The Ultrac Sessanta is an ultra-high performance tire. The tire features a parametric design that offers an optimal design quality: profile, construction, design and contours are all selected according to mathematical formulas for each size. The handling tuned tread compound delivers extremely high tracking power that allows for faster cornering. The handling tuned sidewall, a robust outer shoulder and sturdy sidewalls, deliver a very direct steering feel and optimal contact with the road surface. The tire also features two rayon carcass layers, which make the tire stable and sturdy during handling, and offers maximum resistance to lateral forces that allow the car to stay more controllable in the most critical situations.

The newest premium tire is the Ultrac Cento. The Ultrac Cento is a stylish and quiet lightweight summer tire that guarantees comfort and exceptional performance on both dry and wet roads. The profile and sidewall of the tire was developed by Giugiaro Design. The tire has a directional profile with four longitudinal grooves that offer fast and even water dispersal, minimizing the risk of aquaplaning. The tire features a high silica tread compound, good breaking characteristics, and outstanding grip on wet roads. The tire has an optimized construction with a more shallow shoulder profile, which allows for a very comfortable, quiet ride.

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